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NEW! What is Spirit of Dance?

Spirit of Dance is an adapted dance and movement program for children with disabilities. It uses fundamental jazz and ballet skills to enhance and develop gross motor skills, creativity, rhythm, balance, stretching and strengthening. We welcome children of all ability levels.

Who teaches Spirit of Dance?

Laura Herbert is a highly qualified Adapted Physical Activity Specialist; with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Slippery Rock University along with her Masters of Science in Adapted Physical Activity.

She started the Spirit of Dance program at the Woodlands Foundation in Wexford in 2012 and is pleased to bring the program Kinstarias!

- A solid ballet technique is the foundation of all great dancers.

Pointe- Is a fun class that requires body awareness and strength. To register for Pointe the student must have 2 years ballet experience, and be 12 or older and receive permission from the instructor.

Tap- Tap is the study of synoptic, rhythms and coordination of the feet.

Jazz/Hip Hop- A fun class mixing the foundation of contemporary dance (Jazz) with the funky, popping, locking and break dance of Hip Hop

Performance Team- Making up all different ages and classes, this group will perform at community events such as festivals, parades, fairs and will participate in dance competitions. Registration in Ballet, Tap and Jazz/Hip Hop is required. Team will be required to purchase Team Attire (Dance warm up & Costume Bag

Private Lessons- If a student needs to work on specific steps, to make up from being absence. Also, if a student would like to have a solo. Each half-hour lesson is $25, check for available times at our customer service desk.

Duets- Each half-hour lesson is $30, split between the two students.

Mommy and me Time- For ages 1 to 3 ˝ years old. This class wil help students start to learn movement, coordination and rhythm and handlegroup relationships.

Creative Movement- For ages 2 to 5 years old. This class is based on the child developing movement, coordination and rhythm skills while learning basic shapes, sizes and weight qualities. The children will not be learning technique in this course however, they will be developing movement qualities to help them before they enter a technique course.

Rules and Regulations


· Hair is to be off face and neck at all times.

· Leotard, tights, dance pants, dance skirts and dance shorts can be worn for class.

· No jeans, loose baggy clothing, really long pants or bare feet allowed.

· Ballet/Pointe- pink ballet and pointe shoes.

· Tap- black tap shoe.

· Jazz- black jazz shoes or dance sneakers.

· Mommy and me time socks are required comfortable clothing.

· No outside shoes will be allowed in the studio.

· Student should carry a dance bag for their shoes. Shoes should then be labeled and bag will stay in provided waiting area.



· Please do not disrupt class in session. There is a waiting room designated for family and friends to observe. If there is an issue with toddler, the student will be brought out to the waiting room to find their guardian.

· There will be no sitting, hanging, playing, or climbing on the Barres, mats or other equipment.

· Students in our advance classes must keep talking to a minimum during class.

· Drinks, gum, food, candy are not permitted inside the classroom. (Except water bottles)

· Student will not be allowed to leave the studio unless accompanied by a guardian. Please inform us ahead of time if student will be picked up by someone other than a guardian.

Attendance, Injury or Illness

· Please make a commitment to attend every scheduled dance class.

· Please arrive early enough to be dresses, visit the restroom, and ready to go for your scheduled class time. The warm-up is a crucial part of class and cannot be missed.

· If students are too ill to participate in class, they should remain home to rest. If they are injured, they should come to class and observe.

· Any classes missed can be made up on another day if a comparable class is available.

· To withdraw a student, you will need to complete an account change form available at the studio. Your account will be close 30 days from the date of the change form.

Placement and Evaluation

· Class placements are at the discretion of the teachers. Please respect their decision. If the student does not feel challenged enough in the class they are placed in, please discuss concerns with the instructor and/or customer service.

Student/Instructor Interaction

· Instructors must check all new pointe shoes to ensure proper fit before ribbon and elastic are sewn.

· During class, students are expected to listen closely when their instructor is correcting another student in class so the will also learn from the correction.

· Please be advised that dance involves physical contact. Instructors will often need to make hands-on contact to adjust students’ feet, arms, and alignment and to demonstrate proper motion.

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